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Monday, September 29, 2014


So, I haven't even really officially posted the details on this one, and because of our track record (close to TEN workshops in the past since 2010- all of which have sold out), this one's ALREADY ALMOST SOLD OUT! Crazy! I think we just have 5 spots left… if this one closes, we MAY have to figure out another 2nd class weekend/date too- we'll see….

Its going to be fully hands-on, and we're going to collectively work on and design one, if not two, tiny cabins- both on a great chunk of wooded land in Waltham, MA- VERY close to Boston, MA.

Like all our other workshops, aside from ACTUAL HANDS-ON BUILDING, we'll have guest speakers, some demos, I'll give a slide show on salvage work and ideas (how to save A LOT of money when building any home, office, or vacation cabin), and we'll also be working with a friend of mine who has done quite a bit of building for tv- Jim Shippey. He's helped with workshops in the past with us as well.

My brother Dustin "Dr. Demolition Diedricksen" will be part of this too!

TEACHER to student ratio is roughly FOUR to ONE- which is unheard of! We're trying to cap this at around 15 or so students too….

Guest builders/speakers/helpers…

Aside from main hosts DEREK "DEEK" DIEDRICKSEN and his brother DUSTIN, and JIM SHIPPEY….

PALO COLEMAN- Jack Of All Trades- He'll give a bamboo building and joinery demo, which we'll also be filming for our youtube channel.

KARI COOPER- "Yurt Girl"- there to answer your yurt questions, and she'll be heading up an icebreaking demo on building with pallet wood, where you'll get to build a chair, and perhaps a few other things.

MARTY SKRELUNAS- CT architect- he'll be there to answer your questions, and perhaps do a short demo on reglazing windows, among other things….

AMY HENION- She'll be joining us again to talk about her methods in striving towards a simpler life- "how to downsize"

HOURS: 20 contact hours overall
Saturday October 25th- 9am to LATE (campfire discussions, Pizza party social, and more)
Sunday October 26th- 9am to 5pm approx.


So don't wait! Before I have a chance to set up all the html plugs and buttons for a sign up link, if you want in, you can simple send the registration of $265 to the paypal id "senorsell@hotmail.com"

If you want to pay by check, you can do so too, but email me through "Derek Diedricksen" on facebook… thanks!

This workshop is only three weeks away, so if you can't make it, you payment will be good/transferred to another workshop- don't worry. We're too close to this for refunds, but I will give you course credit, good for any other class/classes we do. S0 make sure you can make it before you register- simple as that!

Note: Gatecrashers will be cut into timber and incorporated into the build

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tiny craft, for a tiny house, on a tiny budget….

from www.pinterest.com (where it didn't credit the original designer- if anyone knows, I'd LOVE to plug 'em!) 

What a cool little project. This one would be a great activity for kids and adults alike, or a simple gift for someone for indoor or outdoor use. 

As a cub scout den leader I've long considered starting a blog just on kid craft, scout meeting, and rainy day activity ideas- fun, creative ones- and I think a simple project like this would be EASY to do, and VERY, VERY affordable.

For you tiny housers, and perhaps those with tiny wallets, this would also make for a great little piece of decor- and one that requires very little maintenance! (no water!). It would also be great for seasonal cabins where you want the LOOK of some greenery, but don't want to transport plans back and forth each season. 

Anyway, its just a simple post today, but I thought some of you crafters out there might be interested. 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Couple takes their TINY HOUSE around the US- See the TOUR!

Just recently, while teaching a workshop in Philadelphia, I had the chance to tour the newly finished tiny home of Jenna Spesard and Guillaume Dutihl. The place is just gorgeous and they've already clocked in 3000+ miles on their road trip from California to Pennsylvania- which will then continue up to the maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia). Its quite a trek they're undertaking, and they'll be chronicling all of it on www.TinyHouseGiantJourney.com - so be sure to check 'em out.

This video is actually the very first video tour they've done, and I was lucky enough to be behind the helm for it. Their home- 20' long, 8' 6" wide, and 13' 4" tall, is loaded with great space saving ideas, creative built-in furniture, and a ton of character overall. The video tour is long, but I think you'll enjoy it. These two also are bringing their dog on the road tour, which can climb and descend the loft steps on its own…. and the loft steps…. you'll be wowed!

ALSO- October 25th-26th, 2014- we're having a small HANDS-ON Tiny House/Shelter Building Workshop… we'll have full details soon. Its going to be right outside Boston, and if interested, email me at kidcedar at gmail.com

We're limiting this one to only 15 students so as to be able to give each and every student a lot of attention and help. Its going to be fun!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The CUB SCOUTS building a tiny house/cabin?? Yup.

     Check this out if you'd be so kind- I'm heading up a fundraiser for Pack 24 on the South Shore in Massachusetts (where I'm Den Leader for the Wolf Scouts). I always enjoyed the Cub Scouts as a kid, and later went on to achieve the rank of Eagle through the Boy Scouts, so I'd like to give back to a local organization by building and designing a backyard cabin, office, playhouse, or seasonal tiny house of sorts- one that we'll auction off (and display publicly). Better yet, the scouts will help us build and design this, all the while learning to swing hammers, cut boards, paint, measure, and well, just BUILD things. There's no better way to learn than to just jump into the thick of things and actually do it, and that's always been the premise of my adult workshops. Plus, you never know, a fun activity like this could inspire one or two kids to become future carpenters, architects, or designers.

     Check out the video above, it explains it all.

     For the adults, I AM hosting another small hands-on design and building workshop in late October (the 25th and 26th- 2014)- one that will be limited to only 15 students. Why? I want to keep things intimate and be able to give each attendee a lot of individual attention and help. We'll actually have Dustin Diedricksen ("Dr. Demolition") as a co-host, as well as Jim Shippey, so the student to teacher ratio will be a very awesome five to one. You don't find that elsewhere!

Yeah, again, its ACTUAL HANDS-ON BUILDING… LOTS of it… for all skill levels (which includes having NO building experience whatsoever). We'll have more on this soon! It WILL SELL OUT too…. EVERY single workshop we've done in the past has….and we've done LOTS of 'em. These tiny house building workshops are A LOT of fun- and GREAT for networking.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A tiny bunk house made from SCRAP and JUNK in the woods of Vermont…..

More photos soon, but this is a fun/goofy project we undertook at "Tiny House Summer Camp 2" under "Operation: Use It Up!" (in reference to my GIANT pile of random and salvaged materials). This is ONE of FOUR things we built over four days, and it will eventually have a front porch and mini deck, and two bunks within (for future workshop attendees to stay in).

Above: Not yet done, but we'll get there! The front "futon frame" window will also be covered in Tuftex. We'll add a recycled material deck out front, and a larger "porch style" overhang, potentially with a hanging chair beneath it. This little bunk house will also have its own fire pit for workshop attendees to use/enjoy. Oh yeah, THE ENTIRE inside will be WILD graffiti art!!! That front door is begging to be painted some funky color too.

We now have EIGHT cabins and tiny houses on the camp land, which is great, as next years attendees will get to see them, and potentially stay in them….. a tree house, a micro a-frame, a nantucket-style tiny house in the woods, a cabin on stilts, a tiny shelter on wheels, and more!

It was a ton of fun to work on, and down a trail in a neck of my property I've dubbed "Freeform Junction"- where we get to build without plans- its all off the top of our heads, and with the materials on hand- which makes for some GREAT problem solving, group dynamics, and a large dose of "making due with what we have"!

ABOVE: An A-frame cabin we worked on as well… with scavenged and left-over materials too (about 60%)
You learn more than you'd think from simple projects like this, which force you to not take materials and scraps at face value- which often leads to far more efficient and affordable tiny house builds down the road. Yes, this bunk house in the woods is hokey, but its supposed to be, and was a teaching aid that imparted quite a bit by way of approach, and salvage construction.

The roof, the only thing NOT salvaged, is Tuftex- a kind of VERY durable polycarbonate roofing. www.Ondura.com

Also, we'll have more on it soon, but we DO have another micro-workshop coming up…. we'll have the registration links up pretty soon, but if interested in getting a spot early (these ALWAYS sell out), email me at kidcedar@gmail.com-

Friday, September 5, 2014

This Woman Legally Parks Her Tiny House in Orlando, Florida….

Check out this great little video of Emily Lindahl from "Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts". She legally lives in a tiny, tiny house in Orlando, Florida. This house was once owned by Elaine Walker of www.Tinyhousecommunity.com 

This video tour shows just about every nook and cranny of Emily's tiny home (a Tumbleweed "Lusby" model). It also has some great space saving ideas in it.

You can find out more from her at www.EmilysTinyAdvernture.com

Thursday, August 21, 2014

King Courteen- LIVE from a Micro A-Frame Cabin DEEP in Vermont….

     Well, "Tiny House Summer Camp 2", which we put on, has come and gone, and was a HUGE success, not to mention total and complete fun. While we're still sifting through some photos and videos that we'll eventually post, I thought I'd toss this fun little music video up here first.

This is King Courteen- aka Michael Gerlach, from Milwaukee, WI- he was our musical guest at the workshop, and I later shot this video with him, as he performs a song called "Lady West" while walking the trails at our Tiny House Campground.

He eventually ends up inside one of the structures (one of four) that our attendees built over this four day workshop- a micro a-frame cabin/shelter named "The Arrowhead". We'll eventually offer a mini plan set for this cabin too, so keep checking back!


-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HUGE Tiny House Fair outside Austin, TX this October! Wow!

Check this one! A Huge Tiny House Fair in Texas, with tons of speakers n' demos! 
And the list of speakers is pretty killer too! Lloyd Kahn, Jay Shafer, Dan Louche, Lina Menard, Abel Zimmerman, and more! A veritable tiny house "who's who" festival! 
See you there! 
www.TinyHouseFair.com to sign up! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Video tour of "ROBOT FACED LIGHT UP TREE HOUSE" near Boston, MA

This one (recently posted on here) doubles as a kids playspace 9' up in two oak trees, but also has a removable desk, so that it can be used by adults as an office. I built and designed this, and will eventually have a plan set for both it, and a less whimsical version (no face, but very modern). Its no tiny house, but more a seasonal retreat, or escape for kids and adults, but it could make for a great little vacation cabin in a tree- especially on an affordable plot of land where the terrain is rather uneven.

Anyhow, here's a quick video of the "RF 800" lit up at night…..

This is the THIRD custom tree house I've built for clients so far this season- more to come….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sneak peak of a LIGHT-UP ROBOT-FACE Tree House I built/designed near Boston, MA

Here's a quick photo of a tree house (for both kids, and as an office) that I built and designed outside of Boston, MA (my third custom tree house gig this summer alone!). Its a pretty whimsical one alright, as the whole front is covered in Tuftex polycarbonate roofing, and "lights up" at night…. (we'll have a video soon too). Its small, with a interior base of only 4' by 6.5', but feels taller because of its height (7'), and its clear abundance of natural light.

This one has a staircase in the back for access to a landing/deck, a single-rope swing hanging beneath it, and a removable work desk.

More photos will be posted soon!

I'm always up for custom tree house gigs too- kidcedar at gmail.com, although I tend to only take on the ones where I get to be a little weird/funky with the designs…

We might have another hands-on tree house building workshop down the road too, so keep checking back here!

This one will be featured in my next tiny structures book coming out next year… the running title is "Micro Structures"….

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen